The famous toolkit, providing widget-based high-level APIs to develop graphical applications

  • Standard API in C, but bindings exist for various languages: C++, Python, etc.
  • Works on top of
  • No windowing system, a lightweight window manager needed to run several applications. Possible solution: Matchbox.
  • License: LGPL

Gtk stack components

  • Glib, core infrastructure
    • Object-oriented infrastructure GObject
    • Event loop, threads, asynchronous queues, plug-ins, memory allocation, I/O channels, string utilities, timers, date and time, internationalization, simple XML parser, regular expressions
    • Data types: memory slices and chunks, linked lists, arrays, trees, hash tables, etc.
  • Pango, internationalization of text handling
  • ATK, accessibility toolkit
  • Cairo, vector graphics library
  • Gtk+, the widget library itself
  • The Gtk stack is a complete framework to develop applications

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