• avahi is an implementation of Multicast DNS Service Discovery, that allows programs to publish and discover services on a local network
  • bind, a DNS server
  • iptables, the user space tools associated to the Linux firewall, Netfilter
  • iw and wireless tools, the user space tools associated to Wireless devices
  • netsnmp, implementation of the SNMP protocol
  • openntpd, implementation of the Network Time Protocol, for clock synchronization
  • openssl, a toolkit for SSL and TLS connections
  • pppd, implementation of the Point to Point Protocol, used for dial-up connections
  • samba, implements the SMB and CIFS protocols, used by Windows to share files and printers
  • coherence, a UPnP/DLNA implementation
  • vsftpd, proftpd, FTP servers

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