Web servers

Many network enabled devices can just have a network interface

  • Examples: modems / routers, IP cameras, printers...
  • No need to develop drivers and applications for computers connected to the device. No need to support multiple operating systems!
  • Just need to develop static or dynamic HTML pages (possibly with powerful client-side JavaScript). Easy way of providing access to device information and parameters.
  • Reduced hardware costs (no LCD, very little storage space needed)

BusyBox http server: http://busybox.net

  • Tiny: only adds 9 K to BusyBox (dynamically linked with glibc on i386, with all features enabled.)
  • Sufficient features for many devices with a web interface, including CGI, http authentication and script support (like PHP, with a separate interpreter).
  • License: GPL
    • Other possibilities: lightweight servers like Boa, thttpd, lighttpd, nginx, etc
    • Some products are using Node.js, which is lightweight enough to be used.

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