• The other famous toolkit, providing widget-based high-level APIs to develop graphical applications
  • Implemented in C++
    • the C++ library is required on the target system
    • standard API in C++, but with bindings for other languages
  • Works either on top of

    • Framebuffer
    • X11
    • Wayland
  • Qt is more than just a graphical toolkit, it also offers a complete development framework: data structures, threads, network, databases, XML, etc.

  • See our presentation Qt for non graphical applications presentation at ELCE 2011 (Thomas Petazzoni): http://j.mp/W4PK85
  • Qt Embedded has an integrated windowing system, allowing several applications to share the same screen
  • Very well documented
  • Since version 4.5, available under the LGPL, allowing proprietary applications

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