X.org - KDrive

  • Stand-alone simplified version of the X server, for embedded systems
    • Formerly know as Tiny-X
    • Kdrive is integrated in the official X.org server
  • Works on top of the Linux frame buffer, thanks to the Xfbdev variant of the server
  • Real X server
    • Fully supports the X11 protocol: drawing, input event handling, etc.
    • Allows to use any existing X11 application or library
  • Actively developed and maintained.
  • X11 license
  • http://www.x.org

Kdrive: architecture

Kdrive: usage

  • Can be directly programmed using Xlib / XCB
    • Low-level graphic library, rarely used
  • Or, usually used with a toolkit on top of it
    • Gtk
    • Qt
    • Enlightment Foundation Libraries
    • Others: Fltk, WxEmbedded, etc

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