Memory checkers


  • Detect Unintended Memory Access
    • Fork and replacement for Electric Fence
    • Stops your program on the exact instruction that overruns or underruns a malloc() memory buffer.
    • GDB will then display the source-code line that causes the bug.
    • Works by using the virtual-memory hardware to create a red-zone at the border of each buffer - touch that, and your program stops.
    • Works on any platform supported by Linux, whatever the CPU (provided virtual memory support is available).


  • GNU GPL Software suite for debugging and profiling programs.
  • Supported platforms: Linux on x86, x86_64, ppc32, ppc64 and arm (armv7 only: Cortex A8, A9 and A5)
  • Can detect many memory management and threading bugs.
  • Profiler: provides information helpful to speed up your program and reduce its memory usage.
  • The most popular tool for this usage. Even used by projects with hundreds of programmers.
  • Can be used to run any program, without the need to recompile it.
  • Example usage valgrind --leak-check=yes ls -la
  • Works by adding its own instrumentation to your code and then running in on its own virtual cpu core. Significantly slows down execution, but still fine for testing!
  • More details on and coregrind_core.html#howworks

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