System analysis


System call tracer

  • Available on all GNU/Linux systems, Can be built by your cross-compiling toolchain generator.
  • Even easier: drop a ready-made static binary for your architecture, just when you need it. See
  • Allows to see what any of your processes is doing: accessing files, allocating memory... Often sufficient to find simple bugs.
  • Usage: strace (starting a new process) strace -p (tracing an existing process) See man strace for details.


A tool to trace library calls used by a program and all the signals it receives

  • Very useful complement to strace, which shows only system calls.
  • Of course, works even if you don't have the sources
  • Allows to filter library calls with regular expressions, or just by a list of function names.
  • Manual page:

See for details


  • A system-wide profiling tool
  • Can collect statistics like the top users of the CPU.
  • Works without having the sources.
  • Requires a kernel patch to access all features, but is already available in a standard kernel.
  • Requires more investigation to see how it works.
  • Ubuntu/Debian packages: oprofile, oprofile-gui

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